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Tuition and Fees


Tuition and fee rates are set annually by the Teachers College Board of Trustees. In the 2014-2015 academic year, tuition for all regular courses is $1,398 per point. Non-credit courses vary in rate, usually depending on the minimum number of points for which the particular course is offered and the special services provided.

Columbia University's tuition is assessed at a per-point or flat rate determined annually by the University's Board of Trustees. Each school's rate may vary.  Check the Office of the Registrar's website for the current tuition rates at Columbia and other affiliates.

Total tuition and fees are determined based on the number of points for which the student has registered. All tuition and fees (registration, service, workshops and all miscellaneous related expenses) charged are due and payable in full on the opening day of the semester or on the official published deadline date. Registrations submitted after the published due date are due upon registration.

Payment Options

Various forms of payment are accepted for tuition and fees and may be used individually or in combination. Teachers College accepts checks, money orders, and cash. A deferred payment plan, employee tuition exemption, third party billing agreements, and financial aid are also available to finance a Teachers College education. Some restrictions may apply.


Tuition can be paid online directly from a personal checking or savings account drawn on a US bank. An eCheck payment will appear on your monthly statement as Teachers College Epayment. There is no fee to pay by eCheck. Online payments can be made by accessing the myTC Portal at: http://my.tc.edu. Returned checks are assessed a return-check fee and subject to collection fees, if necessary.

Checks or Money Orders

Must be made payable to Teachers College. These types of payments can either be submitted in person, placed in the drop box, or mailed to the Office of Student Accounts: 525 West 120th Street, Box 305, New York, NY 10027. The drop off payment box is located at the door of the Office of Student Accounts, Thompson Hall Room # 133. Do not place cash in this box. Please write your student identification number and a valid daytime telephone number on the face of the check or money order. Returned checks are assessed a return-check fee and subject to collection fees, if necessary.

Cash Payments

Must be made in-person at the Office of Student Accounts, 133 Thompson Hall. During the academic year, the Office of Student Accounts staff is available Monday through Thursday 9:00am until 6:00pm and Friday 9:00am until 5:00pm.  (Please note, during the Summer, the Office of Student Accounts will close at 5:00pm Monday through Thursday and 3pm on Friday).  For payments that include more than $10,00 in case, IRS Form 8300 must be completed at the cashier's window.

Online Deferred Payment Plan

Students may choose to participate in the Online Deferred Payment Plan during the fall and spring semesters only (plan is not available for summer sessions). The Online Deferred Payment Plan allows students to spread the term tuition, fees, and housing charges less any aid disbursed, over three equal installments during the semester. An online agreement between the student and Teachers College must be electronically completed on the myTC Portal no later than the payment due date for each term (September 5, 2014 for the Fall semester and January 23, 2015 for the Spring semester). A $50 fee is required to participate in the plan and the first installment plus the $50 fee is due at the time the student electronically signs the agreement. Tentative installment dates are listed below:

Fall 2014

    First Installment Due

    September 5, 2014

    Second Installment Due

October 6, 2014

    Third (Final) Installment Due

    November 6, 2014

Spring 2015

    First Installment Due

   January 23, 2015

    Second Installment Due

     February 20, 2015

    Third (Final) Installment Due

March 20, 2015

Failure to remit payment, as scheduled, in the Deferred Payment Plan will result in the assessment of a late payment penalty of 1 1/3 percent on any unpaid balance.

Tuition Exemption—Students employed at the University may be eligible for tuition exemption. Human Resources must authorize tuition exemption forms with a valid HR personnel signature. Authorized Tuition Exemption forms must be submitted in person no later than the last day to add/drop courses for each term (September 16, 2014 for the Fall semester and February 3, 2015 for the Spring semester) . If a student registers late, payments including tuition exemption forms are due at the time of the late registration. Various fees including, but not limited to, course fees, college fees, health service fees, medical insurance, and late registration fees are not covered by tuition exemption. The student should be prepared to remit payment for these fees on the official tuition due date.

Third Party Agreements—Students enrolling under a third party agreement must submit an authorization form to the College for approval each term/semester. A third party is usually an outside agency (not an individual) that agrees to pay all or part of the charges incurred by a particular student. The authorization form must include the student’s name, relevant semester(s), and the total amount of tuition and fee charges that the third party is willing to pay. The form must be signed by an official of the third party agency. A third party agreement between the College and the agency must be completed each term/semester before the start of the term/semester.

Financial Aid—If all required applications and documentation have been filed with the Office of Financial Aid by the required deadline, financial aid awards should be available at the time of registration. Since tuition and all fees are due at the time of in-person registration, late payment penalties will be assessed on any outstanding balance as described under the Late Payment Penalties section of this bulletin. For further information about financial aid, review the section entitled Financial Aid.

Withdrawal from Classes

By registering for classes, a student has entered a legal and binding contract to pay all tuition, fees, and penalties charged by Teachers College.

When a student withdraws from Teachers College or from individual classes, the tuition charges originally assessed may be reduced, based on the date of withdrawal. Failure to attend classes does not constitute an automatic withdrawal; students must file an application to withdraw in the Office of the Registrar (in-person) or withdraw through the Student Information System on myTC Portal in a timely manner. Fees are not subject to rebate. The percentage of tuition reduction will be determined according to the withdrawal schedule.

Fall 2014

Withdraw on... Receive tuition credit of...
Before September 17 100%
September 17-19 80%
September 20-26 75%
Sept. 27 - Oct. 3 70%
October 4-10 65%
October 11-17 55%
October 18-24 50%
October 25-31 40%
After October 31 0%

Spring 2015

Withdraw on... Receive tuition credit of...
Before February 4 100%
February 4-6 80%
February 7-13 75%
February 14-20 70%
February 21–27       65%
Feb. 28-March 6 55%
March 7-13 50%
March 14-20 40%
After March 20 0%

Student Refunds

Proceeds originating from student aid programs in excess of all student account charges (tuition, fees, monthly housing, and other related expenses) will be mailed to the student or electronically deposited (students must enroll for eRefund through the myTC Portal). 

NOTE: Title IV aid can only be credited towards institutional charges. Non-institutional charges such as finance charges, late penalty fees, etc. can not be paid from your Title IV aid. This may result in a refund being generated leaving an outstanding balance on your account for which you are responsible.

Other Fees

Teachers College Fee, Per Term $418
Teachers College Research Fee $418
Health Service Fee - (Fall/Spring ) $442 /  $442
Medical Insurance Fee - Gold - (Fall/Spring) $1,282 /  $1,861
Medical Insurance Fee - Platinum - (Fall/Spring) $1,778 /  $2,582
One-time Transcript Fee ( charged in first term enrolled ) $35
Application Fee (non-refundable and payable at time of application) $65
Tuition deposit (non-refundable but applicable against tuition assessment) $300
Library Research Fee (for non-college users) per month $100
Continuous Doctoral Advisement registration fee $4,194
Ph.D. Oral Defense fee $5,472
Late registration fee $100
Late application fee for conferring of degrees $25
Special examination fee (each course) $25
Student identification card replacement fee $20
Late payment fee (flat fee) $50
Late payment (monthly fee) 1- 1/3% (16% annually)
Returned check fee $20
Deferred payment plan fee $50

Fees listed here and elsewhere throughout this catalog are reviewed periodically and are subject to change without prior notice. Additional fees may be added. Spring medical insurance runs through August 31.